Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to send a huge shout out to my mom Peggy!  If you have wondered where I get my love of painting and crafting, just look at these pics of some of her work!  She is awesome and has taught me so much.  I am so grateful that she passed down the "handy" gene!  She actually not only paints and refinishes furniture, but she can BUILD stuff!  I have only done one or two projects like that and I guarantee she was right there to help me.  I haven't learned how to quite tackle building projects like that yet, but knowing my mom, she will be teaching me that trade one day:).  The pic to the left is her hutch.  Isn't it gorgeous!!!!  I wish I would have taken a closer detail pic because it turned out AMAZING! Here are some more of the things she has made or painted for her own home.  She is also available for custom work so let me know if you would like her to do something for you. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

She took apart an old piano and made this bench
and headboard for her room!

This is her patio table that she mosaic tiled.

This beautiful blue side table sits in her bedroom.
The frame sitting on it was my Mother's Day gift
to her:)

She built this shelf unit FROM SCRATCH
out of old boards and some cool iron pieces
she found at a garage sale I'm sure:)
This stunning wall hanging was made from an old
iron porch column, and obviously old shutters.  She
painted, glazed, and dry brushed each one to give them
all a very deep rustic feel. 

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