Monday, May 7, 2012

Bird Silhouette Step Stool- $35

Today I finished this super cute step stool!  It is turquoise with a black bird silhouette (yes I had to look the spelling of this word up in the dictionary).  She didn't start out very pretty though.  I have proof:

See what I mean!?!  I'm sure in her prime, she looked lovely in a little girls room.  She was purple with pink sponge paint:-/  But by the time I found her, the paint was peeling revealing that she probably actually started out in grandma's kitchen. You can kind of see there was a stencil pattern (checkerboard and hearts) of country red and green with a cream colored background.  Do you also see that sweet little hand?  I had the best helper peeling that purple and pink sponge-painted mess!

She diligently worked on peeling paint until it was almost down to the original finish:)  What a hard worker!  Maybe I'll share my profit with her once I sell it.  She was very proud of all her hard work and now asks if she can help with every project I tackle!  I have to say, I love having a personal assistant as cute as her:)

Here are some more after shots showing the
finish.  I actually sanded after I painted so
that some of the white primer showed through. 
Then I aged her with a light glaze. She looks
better with age I do say!