Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some of my Work

So this week is crazy busy since my little boy is turning 6 this weekend and we are having his party at our home!  Cleaning, yard work, cleaning what I've already cleaned (boy they can un-do stuff quick!), party supplies shopping, and more cleaning (my house got really really dirty while I was sick)....UGH!  Anyways,  I haven't had time to complete any other new pieces so I thought I would share some of the work I've done on some of my own stuff over the past year.  *Sorry about the quality of some of these pics. 




Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shabby Green Night Stand- $40- SOLD

Ladies & Gentlemen!  Here is the first finished piece I've been promising you for several days now (sorry I got sick and got behind)!  This sweet little number is the first piece of furniture that I've done using chalk paint.  I custom mixed it using an oops paint I picked up over the weekend.  The oops paint was very dark but I could tell it could be watered down into a beautiful color and boy was I right!!!  This color (though it looks kinda aqua in the pics) is a very light and airy sage green.  I'm dubbing it Shabby Sage:).  I distressed her (yes she's definitely a girl. Just look at those curves!) as you can see in the pics below and then finished her off with 2 coats of wax.  The finish is like BUTTA! It is so smooth with all the brush strokes buffed out!  The knobs were beautiful but very bright brass so I toned them down by dry-brushing them with white and now they look much more fitting of this style. 
Here are her dimensions:  29 1/4" wide by 28 1/2" tall by 16" deep.  Also, the bottom drawer looks like it is two separate drawers but it's actually one deep drawer (next time I'll be sure to take pics of those kind of details too.  Give me a break. I'm a blogger beginner!).  I'm asking $40 for her (accessories in pic not included), so let me know if you might make a good home for her:)  I will only let her go to a good home where she will be treated like the shabby chic princess that she is, so you might want to be ready to be interviewed before taking her home.  Ha! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Me? A Blogger? Why not?

Well I never thought I would be posting on my own blog!  But here I am and I'm hoping I'm doing it right. So let's consider this first post a "test run".  If this works, I'll be using this blog to post fun projects I'm working on (some for my own use and others will be for sale).  I love taking other people's "trash" and turning it into treasures!  Furniture is my favorite thing to refurbish.  Seeing an old or just plain ugly piece come to life with a new coat of paint and some love is so rewarding to me!  So here's to hoping I can get this blog rolling so I can start sharing my treasures with you:)